Dentistry In Mexico

Q: Should I get my dentistry done in Mexico (India, China, and Russia ect.-You pick) to save money?

A: Probably not. For sure you can have dental work done there (or other third world foreign destinations) and save money, however, very often you are not getting the same result you will get here at home. There are a couple of basic reasons for this. First is the level of training Canadian and US dentists have. It is arguably the very best on the planet, and it’s not very easy here to become a dentist. It can be really challenging to qualify and get into dental school and just as hard to graduate out the other end. This is not necessarily the case elsewhere. Secondly the availability of materials, procedure and good dental laboratory technicians may not be the same.

Part of my involvement with students at UBC is with the international students at the dental school. To qualify to practice in Canada, foreign trained dentists must enrol in our accredited Canadian dental schools and complete two years of training to be eligible to practice. Many of these students have been practicing in their home countries for many years. I can tell you that some have had a solid training foundation while many do not. I am often surprised at what they don’t know. This is especially so regarding more complex restorative procedures and implants.

A third reason to be wary is for follow up. If you have a problem or failure after you’re home guess who has to step in and help you? While some foreign dental work I have seen is acceptable, much of it is not. It depends who you see and what their training and experience is. Always get a referral and a recommendation from a trusted source about your choice of dentist and their work if you are planning to explore this as an option for your health. But always remember: you can pay now or you can pay later.


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