Could my headaches be associated with my bite??

Yes, this is not only possible but frequent headaches ( more than once a month) can often be associated with simple minor bite imbalances.  Often the sufferer is unaware of any bite problems.  Believe it or not, our teeth are not supposed to touch each other except perhaps when swallowing (try it).  When eating, the upper and lower teeth almost touch but not quite.  However if there is some crowding or misalignment of teeth, missing teeth, or other factors contributing to changes in the fit of the bite some instability results.  The jaw and neck muscles can become more active to keep the jaw mechanics in balance.  A worst case scenario of this occurs when people clench  and/or grind their teeth ( most frequently during deep or REM sleep).  Headaches, especially frequent ones, are one of the symptoms of this problem.  Studies have shown dental orthotic appliances which help reestablish better bite balance reduce jaw muscle tension and thereby frequency and intensity of headaches including migraines.


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