Why does my dentist recommend an implant and crown to replace my missing tooth, but my insurance plan won’t pay anything for it?

To my knowledge, there are no dental plans willing to cover the cost of an implant procedure. A missing tooth can be replaced by a 3 unit bridge or a single implant with a crown.  An implant will replace the tooth more naturally than a bridge for about the same cost.  The fact that insurance doesn’t cover it (and no one is really sure why?) does not mean that it should not be recommended.  Studies are consistently showing that long term success of implants is far superior to fixed bridgework or even crowns.  Insurance plans are not concerned with what is the best treatment for you.  They are only concerned with what they are contractually obligated to pay according to the plan your employer has purchased.  Your dentist should make treatment recommendations based on what is in your best health interest which often is not in your insurance companies’ financial interest.


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