Do the health benefits of red wine extend to oral health?

Yes!  Recent studies have shown that red wine and especially grape seeds themselves contain anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor activities and help prevent things like heart disease.  These health benefits are attributed to a range of compounds called polyphenols which exert some of their healthy effects by virtue of their antioxidant properties.

Recently scientists fromLavalUniversityinQuebechave found that these same polyphenol components in red wine significantly modulate and reduce several inflammatory components, including free radicals, released by your immune cells in response to the bacteria that cause gum disease.  They also promote scavenging (removal) of these free radicals from inflammatory tissue by certain immune cells.

Therefore the antioxidant properties of red wine polyphenols may be useful in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases as well as other disorders involving free radicals.   Periodontal (gum) disease affects about 15% of adults between 21 and 50 years of age and 65% of those over 50.  Fortunately this demographic is all of legal drinking age.  Cheers!

Enjoy your smile…..Everybody else does!!


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