Do you accept new patients?

Sure do.  Much to my surprise I’m often asked this question by our clients although I am aware it’s difficult for some of my patients/clients to find a family physician willing to accept new patients.

There was a time when I was practicing in Richmond Centre Mall.  We were there for fifteen years and during the last couple of those I was not enthusiastically accepting many new patients.  This was because we were really busy.  In fact I was too busy.  I found it difficult to provide the quality of care I wanted to provide for my clients and I found myself with in a philosophical dilemma.  This prompted me to move out of the mall and slow down.  I wanted to rearrange some priorities so we could devote our time to comprehensive dental care.  What that means is spending the time with people to thoroughly diagnose their dental situation, be sure they understand their options and help them determine a long term plan to get them to their highest level of dental health, comfort, function and esthetics.  In a nutshell, I see fewer patients but spend more time with them.  We don’t wait for the next emergency or problem.  Together we plan what needs to be done now and what will need doing to get there.  As we complete these treatment plans we move our patients/clients onto a simple and long term maintenance phase.

As such we are always happy to have new clients, with new challenges, who ask us to help them through this process on their journey to healthy smiles they can enjoy for their lifetimes.

Enjoy your smile…..Everybody else does!



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