Is it possible to regenerate your own lost teeth?

Maybe.  Researchers at the University of Southern California have recently been able to successfully regenerate teeth and the supporting bone tissue in animals.  Using stem cells harvested from the extracted wisdom teeth of 18-20 year olds these researchers have been able to create sufficient root and ligament structure to support a crown restoration in animal models.  The technique uses stem cells from the root end tissue which is responsible for generating a tooth’s root and periodontal ligament (which attaches the teeth to the bone).  

It is hoped within the next few years clinical trials will prove this technique to be appropriate and reliable for human teeth.  This would be a significant boon for dental patients who are not appropriate candidates for dental implant therapy or would prefer real replacement teeth derived from their own teeth.  It’s a great concept but much more research needs to be done.  Nevertheless, the future for this idea is promising indeed.


Enjoy your smile…..Everybody else does!


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