welcome to our practice…..

If you want a great experience that you’ll tell your friends about….if you want teeth that look good, feel good and last for a lifetime…then we invite you to visit us for a no-obligation 15-minute talking consultation with Dr. Nelson and his expert team to find out how we can help with your situation.

We offer a comfortable, relaxing environment with state of the art facilities and service. Our philosophy is to get to know you, assess your situation and offer options for your treatment. You choose to what level you want to take your smile.

Here’s what we think your dental visit should be like:

You deserve a pleasant, respectful environment
You deserve straight talk that’s clear and understandable
You deserve to live without pain and embarrassment
You deserve to know your options
You deserve to have every question answered
You deserve the benefits from the latest technology
You deserve pain-free treatment with minimum visits

It all adds up to this: You Deserve a Great Smile! And you should enjoy it– everyone else does!


take your smile to the next level…..

Three things top our agenda for each and every client:

1. Personalized and comfortable care without judgment
2.  A lifetime of dental health
3. A healthy, beautiful smile

Our clients come from all over British Columbia and Washington State. You could be one of them if you want teeth that look good, feel good, and last a lifetime.


Take a no-obligation, casual   tour of our comfortable facility; or even have a completely no-obligation, free   15 minute consultation about your situation.

Contact our office today.


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